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Ten Commandments for Helicopter Flying

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by:  Willis "Joe" Kusy, LtCol USAF (Ret)

1.  He who inspecteth not his aircraft gives his angels cause for concern. (Corollary: inspect your aircraft carefully before each flight.)

2.  Thou shalt not make a trial of thy center of gravity, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. (A few misplaced pounds may exceed the limits of your controls.)

3.  Thou shalt not become airborne without first ascertaining the level of thy propellant. (It is better to spend minutes refueling than hours regretting.)

4. Thou shalt not let thy confidence exceed thy ability, for broad is the way to destruction. ('I think I can make it' are famous last words.)

5.  Let infinite discretion govern thy movement near the ground, for the area of destruction is vast. (Use extra caution while operating on or near the ground.)

6. He that doeth his approach and alloweth the wind to turn behind him shall surely make restitution. (Make all approaches into the wind.)

7. Thy rotor RPM is thy staff of life, without it thou shalt surely perish. (Low RPM is really dangerous. Keep it within safe operating range.)

8. He who allows his tail rotor to catch in the thorns, curseth his children. (Avoid a terminating tail low attitude while near the ground.)

9. Thou shalt maintain thy speed between ten and four hundred feet, lest the earth rise and smite thee. (Complete recovery is doubtful in case of power failure at slow speed within the dead man's curve of the height/velocity diagram.)

10. Observe thou these parables lest on the morrow thy friends mourn thee. (Safety dwells with the pilot who flies as safe as he can.)

Reprinted with permission of Harry Dunn, Col USAF (Ret.)

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