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Helicopter Pilot Ground School

Held in conjunction with:
Hillsborough Community College
Helicopter Navigation:  Why Learn Helicopters | Costs | Private Pilot Helicopter | Commercial Pilot Helicopter | Glossary | Helicopter Lesson Guides | Helicopter Ground School SFAR73 | Accelerated IFR Rating | Flight Training for Veterans
Military HelicopterHCC Continuing Education offers a full complement of Aviation Ground training. The following courses are an adjunct to flight training you may be contemplating or currently taking. 

Are you interested in flying helicopters?  We'll cover rotorcraft aerodynamics, navigation, radio communications, systems, meteorology, and the air traffic system.   The Helicopter Private Pilot certificate enables you to fly a helicopter without an instructor. It also allows you to take passengers to any place at any time whether its along the beach, over a job site, or to the office.  This FAA certificate requires that you take both a written and a practical exam. By taking this class, you will be prepared to successfully pass these exams.  This is NOT a test cramming course however. We cover the basics in depth, so that you will be prepared for a lifetime of safe flying.
During this course, we will help you find a good flight instructor if you don’t already have one. If you are not sure what your next steps are, we’ll help you.  Course Length:  40 Hours. 
Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus >>

Accelerated Format
Course Number:  ATF 9000 Private Pilot Ground School
Location:  Dale Mabry Campus
, Room  DSSC 213
Schedule:  Fridays  6:30pm-10pm, Saturdays, 8am - 6pm
Starts November 3rd, 2006

Next Class:  April-May, 2007 (as soon as an exact date is set it will be posted here 5 minutes later)

:  $155 tuition fee (Florida Residents) + $200 consumable materials fee to the instructor (cash or money order).

NOTE:  Helicopter ground school is an additional $225 payable to the instructor and includes extra classroom instruction and an additional Helicopter Training Kit.   

This information is the most current and accurate on the HCC ground schools.  It is the first thing that is updated when a change has been made.  Ignore any incorrect information HCC provides you regarding the schedule of this class.  This is especially true of computer printouts from the college.


  • You may register directly with the school at 813-253-7980
  • Register & pay at any campus by requesting course ATF-9000. 
  • Register & pay NOW

Five Reasons to Choose This Program:

  1. This is a quick, efficient, structured training program to get you through this training with minimum pain, maximum quality.
  2. As the 8th largest community college in the country, we have the largest training program of any of the other local ground school providers. 
  3. Your instructor has been teaching since 1996, is a Master Instructor (NAFI), Advanced Ground Instructor rated (FAA), a Gold Seal Certificated Flight Instructor (FAA), an Aviation Safety Counselor (FAA), and a former airline pilot.  Your instructor is a highly qualified ATP-rated senior instructor with 100% pass rate.  None of the other local providers use an instructor of this calibre.
  4. Cost:  this is the lowest cost option of any of the local providers.  Its even less expensive than video courses.  The reason?  As a state supported college, Florida residents receive the highest quality education and the lowest cost possible.
  5. Personal attention is provided as you progress through your training program.  You'll never wonder about your progress.    You will never fall through the cracks.

Next:  How do I get a helicopter pilots license? >>

Helicopter Pilot Ground School

Why become a pilot?    Maybe you've been dreaming about it since you were little.  Maybe it's the ultimate challenge.  Maybe it's the confidence booster that can define your life… more

What it means to be a pilot   As a pilot, you'll join the ranks of those less bound by conventional limits on time, distance and personal freedom.   more

Frequently asked questions about getting started  If you're like millions of Americans, at some point in your life, perhaps when you were stuck in traffic and saw an airplane buzz overhead, you've thought, "I wonder what it takes to BE A PILOT?"  more

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    Private Pilot Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions about getting started

New Students:

     How to Save Money on your Flight Training
     My Teaching Beliefs
     Instruction Policies
     Pledge to Flight Students
     FAA Aviation Safety Program - additional aviation education opportunities

"What freedom lies in flying, what Godlike power it gives to men... I lose all consciousness
in this strong unmortal space crowded with beauty...
." Charles A. Lindbergh, 1902-1974.

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