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IFR Adventure/Timebuilding/Ferry Flights

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Can you survive the IFR Adventure?

The following is a list of some of the more memorable trip reports from the IFR Adventure training program and Multi Engine Time Building Program.  Some even have comments from the survivors.  Whether you require instrument training, multi-engine timebuilding, or just an escorted adventure, any of these trips can be customized to your requirements.

Full flight planning assistance, immigration/customs assistance, weather briefings, safety & survival training is provided for all IFR Adventures.  IFR Adventures have been conducted to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, all of the Caribbean, and South America.

#47 Arizona to Anchorage
     Casa (EV)
#46 Florida to Caribbean & South America
     Piper Seneca (PC) 28 hours, 3,410nm, 787 gal fuel, 5 approaches (US, Carribean, South American)
#45 South Carolina to Mexico
     Mooney (SH) 22 hours, 2,025nm, 493 gal fuel, 11 approaches (US & Mexican)
#44 SouthEast IFR Adventure, 3 day Custom Trip
     Homebuilt RV-6 (RS) 18.2, actual IFR, Icing, 1,515 nm, 146 gal fuel, 12 approaches
#43 SouthEast IFR Adventure, 3 day Custom Trip
     Cessna 182Q (DH) 18.4 hours, 2.4 actual IFR, 1,567 nm, 15 approaches (VOR, ILS, NDB, GPS, LDA)
#42 Florida to Canada, 6 day Custom Trip
     Cessna 172RG (DL) 42.5 hours, 16.8 night, 4.5 actual IFR, 4179.6 nm, 357 gal, 8.4gal/hr
#40 Georgia, 2 day Custom Trip, Instrument Rating Finish Up Course
     Cessna 172/Garmin 430 (KB) 12 hours, 5 actual IFR, 8 approaches
#39 Western National Parks, 6 day Custom Trip
     Beech Bonanza (GG)  23 hours, 331 gal, 14.4gal/hr avg, 2620.7 nm
#38 SouthEast States, 2 day Custom IPC
     Cessna 172 (MW) 15 hours, 1.1 actual IFR, 108 gal, 7.2gal/hr avg, 10 approaches
#36 Key West to Kentucky, 2 Day IFR Checkride Prep
     C182 (TH) 13.2 hours,  891 nm, 83 gal fuel
#35 Florida, Canada, Texas, 8 day Custom Trip
     Cessna 310 (JA) 20 hours, 4100 nm, 688.2 gal, 33gal/hr average
#34 Every hard-surface, public airport in Florida, 6 day Time Builder
#30 Legends of Flight IFR Adventure, 3 day
     Cessna 310 (JC) 18 hours, 2152 nm, 468 gal, 26gal/hr average
#29 Terrestrial Impact Craters IFR Adventure
#28 SouthEast IFR Adventure, 3 day Custom Trip
     Piper Saratoga (DM) 22.9 hours, 1807 nm, 504 gal, 22gal/hr avg, 25 approaches (ILS, VOR/DME, SDF/LDA/GPS/LOC)
#27 Every hard-surface, public airports in the Bahamas, 3 day IFR Adventure
      Cessna 172 (AD), 1599 nm, 18 hours, 155 gal
#26 All the public airports in South Florida, 5 day Time Builder
     Beechcraft Dutchess (NO) 35.6 hours 
#20 through #25 9 day IFR Adventure
     Cessna 182S 45 hours (avg), 594 gal (avg), 4761 nm (avg)
#13 through #19 3 day IFR Adventure
     Cessna 172N 20 hours (avg), 180 gal (avg), 1871 nm (avg)
#1 through #12 9 day IFR Adventure
     Cessna 182S 45 hours (avg), 594 gal (avg), 4761 nm (avg)

Participant Comments:

“The best instrument training experience since I got my rating.  Since I already had my instrument rating, this was a real confidence builder.”  Dave H

“My instructor knew all the secrets to real cross country flying.” John D

“My confidence has never been this high.” Darius L

"A very valuable experience, I learned a lot." Ralph S

"I'll never get this much actual IFR experience on my own in the next 5 years."  Mark B

"This was an experience of a lifetime, I'll always be able to say I did this."  Scott H

"There is no subsitute for going out in the system like this and dealing with all the practical aspects of cross country IFR" John C

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