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Get Your IFR Ticket in 7-10 Days!

Accelerated Helicopter IFR Training

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Structured, Efficient, & Cost Effective:Schweizer 300cbi instrument panel

  • Get 7 days of individualized experience For Your Training Investment.
  • Gain real confidence working the IFR system with airline style routes.
  • Learn real world techniques from an experienced Helicopter Instructor (CFII)
  • Build IFR skills in your aircraft or in a Schweizer 300CBi - in an accelerated format convenient to your schedule.

Want to finish your Helicopter Instrument Rating in 7 days? 

If you're interested in getting your instrument in 7 days, this is the program for you.  There are no gimmicks to this, its hard work, and requires your full concentration. You'll fly at least 25 approaches during the program, many with SID's STAR's and holding patterns. You'll be astonished at how much you will learn.  When you are not in the air, you will learn techniques that will simplify otherwise complex procedures such as procedure turns, holding pattern entries and many others.

Don't spend 9-12 months and $25,000 on your instrument rating!  Condensed training experiences will not only save you money, but the intensity guarantees that the lessons last a lifetime.  Your training is accelerated and less time is spent reviewing the last lesson... a real money saver.  None of the other accelerated programs provide the comprehensive, high quality learning materials: the Oral Exam Prep Kit and the Instrument Rating Pre-Checkride Review workbook.  Read about Accelerated Training Programs in the reading library.

What if I want a slower pace than a 7 day instrument rating training course?   A 10-day program is available at a slightly higher cost.

Six Reasons to Choose This Program:

  1. This is a quick, efficient, structured training program to get you through this training with minimum pain, maximum quality.
  2. We constantly evalute our competitors to ensure that our program provides the highest quality at the most reasonable cost in the country... compare for yourself.  We're not beat by anyone.
  3. You are PIC for the entire program receiving PIC credit in your logbook for 100% of the flight time.
  4. Safety:  techniques for safe instrument flight are emphasized by your instructor which is also a Designated Aviation Safety Counselor and speaks to groups on these topics frequently.  
  5. Your instructor has been teaching since 1996, is a Master Instructor (NAFI), Advanced Ground Instructor rated (FAA), a Gold Seal Certificated Flight Instructor (FAA), an Aviation Safety Counselor (FAA), and a former airline pilot.  Your instructor is a highly qualified ATP-rated, FAA Gold Seal, NAFI Master instructor with 100% pass rate.  None of the other local providers use an instructor of this calibre.
  6. Personal attention is provided as you progress through your training program.  You'll never wonder about your progress.  You will never fall through the cracks.

More Information:

Accelerated Training Programs, Do They Work?

Are you really ready for an Instrument Rating?

Instrument rating requirements

Frequently Asked Questions: 7-day IFR

Syllabus: 7-day Instrument Rating Training

Checkride Plan of Action

Instrument Checkride Reviewer

Reading Section - free educational articles

After the IFR Rating

Flight Training for Veterans

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program is right for me?

7-Day IFR program

10-Day IFR program

  • You already have 10-15 hours of training.
  • You are already proficient under the hood.
  • You want a slower pace program.
  • You are doing the program in a complex or multi engine aircraft.
  • You are starting with zero time and need to go from VFR to IFR rated.
7 day "finish up" program in your helicopter  $2,000 10 day program (slower pace) in your helicopter $2,500

How does this compare with other programs?

This program is very competitive with other programs.  Compare for yourself:
- 7-day IFR finish up training & IFR Adventure, $2,000 + your helicopter
- 10-day IFR Instrument Rating Training, $2,500 + your helicopter
- 2-Eagle, $4,995 + your aircraft
- 7-day IFR.COM, $4,500 + your aircraft
- IFRSolutions.COM, $4,500 + your aircraft
- PIC, $6,250 + your plane

With the other guys, there's a big *IF* they have a helicopter instructor available for you!  Why is this program so much cheaper?  No advertising, no $3,000 glossy ads in magazines, & low overhead.  What's it like to save $2000 or more compared to other programs?  Its enough to pay for your next big trip!

Scheduling & Availability:

This program starts when you want it to.  The checkride is scheduled immediately after training.  Check the schedule for availability.  Plan on arriving the day prior to the start of your training to get settled.
Kevin G gets his instrument & CFII
Kevin G receives his Instrument Rating & CFII


  • Turbine helicopter owners get an extra day free to ensure your success.


  • Any required endorsements are included (high performance or complex) at no additional charge.
  • Deposit Required:  20% Non-Refundable, 10 days prior to the start of your program, with the balance paid on the first day of training.
  • Loaner materials including a set of training DVDs worth $500 will be LOANED to you if requested.  An additional deposit required to ensure their return.  These training DVDs will be returned the morning of the first day of your training program so I can send them out to the next registered student.  If you don't return them, you will have to pay for the replacement of the training materials & DVDs prior to the beginning of your training program.
  • Cancellation policy:  If you cancel at any time prior to your scheduled date, we will apply your deposit to a future date only if we are able to fill your reserved spot with another student.
  • Ground transportation related to your training is provided.  We'll pick you up from the airport and bring you to class each day if you stay at the recommended hotel.
  • Weather delays are uncommon, but in the event weather causes a delay in your training, there are no additional instructional charges.

Includes FREE:
Not Included:
Helicopter or anything related to the aircraft (Fuel, Oil, Insurance, Rental, Gov Fees, Repair, Etc), Meals, Ground Transportation & Lodging for you & your instructor, entertainment or any personal expenses you might encounter.
   Syllabus, Next >>

Prerequisites for Instrument Rating:

You'll be ready for your checkride immediately upon completion if you:
  • completed the provided Instrument Rating Pre-Checkride Review workbook
  • have a passing score on your  instrument written, 
  • have at least 50 hours PIC cross country, 
  • have at least 40 hours of instrument time
  • meet PTS requirements

What Should I Bring?


The following are requirements for your checkride:
  • Completed pre-rating written test.
  • Pilot Certificate, Medical (at least 3rd class)
  • Evidence of citizenship: passport or birth certificate with government issued picture ID.
  • Sunglasses & Shorts during the Summer.
  • Headset, foggles, logbook.
  • Written test results
  • Current FAR/AIM
  • E6B
  • Supplied textbooks
  • Aircraft, must provide logbooks to prove:
    • current annual & IFR status,
    • all ADs have been complied with,
    • pitot static & transponder certification within preceeding 24 calendar months
7-Day Instrument Rating Syllabus
Reading Section - free educational articles
General Info Instrument Rating
Instrument Rating Lesson Plans
Instrument Ground School
Instrument Checkride Reviewer
Safety Pilot
IFR Risk
Trip Reports
Flight Profiles
Rating Requirements
After the IFR Rating
Helicopter Rules That Differ From Airplane Rules

Participant Comments:

"This was brutal, but a valuable experience. I learned more than the basics, I learned safe instrument flight." Ted H

"My confidence has never been this high." Darius L

"The right training at the right price got me the results I needed."  Rudy S

"You have a 'teaching way' about you and its very effective." Dave C

"You really have this down to a science."  Alan D

"Thank you for the many flights of stressing good flying habits.  Its now paying off in my Air Force career."  Mark S

"The emergencies you train for almost never happen; It's the one you can't train for that kills you."
Ernest K. Gann, advice from the 'old pelican'

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