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by Darren Smith, CFII/MEI

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Bose Headsets

I am the owner of a Bose Aviation X headset.  Wow what a big difference.  I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Bose aviation headsets.

Helicopter Flashcards

These flashcards are a Chinese import geared completely towards FAA helicopter checkrides and written exams.  Surprisingly enough they are free from any kind of english errors and are surprisingly useful.  I'm not usually a fan of Chinese products but...

Doc MacKinnon: "Truly worth every cent! Clear, concise, & ideal for the busy student." 

Jim D: I got your flash cards today, and love them!

Lamination Station

Very bad people.  They don't know how to read or write english.  Rude.

Yahoo Webhosting

You suck Yahoo.  I hate that you killed geocities and the 500 free aviation websites that died at your hands.

FlightCom Denali

I've got to say that the worst headset maker in America goes to FlightCom who produces the worst ANR headset in terms of quality and service that is available in this hemisphere.  The following is a description of my dealings with them.  Subsequently, I've learned from others  that their headset bands are known to break repeatedly due to poor engineering and their service after the sale is about the same as my experience.  If you don't catch this advice below, DONT BUY FLIGHTCOM products (unless you want bad quality, over priced crap).

20 May 2004 Don't buy anything made by FlightCom (i.e. Denali Headsets) .  Met the Director of Marketing Will Antunes at Sun N Fun (Lakeland).  He promised me (in front of a student I brought there to buy a FlightCom Denali) that he would not only repair my in-warranty headset but see that it was upgraded with the new leather ear seals.  After trying to contact him 5 times over the following 2 weeks, the guy never kept his promise, never even answered my phone calls or emails.  This is a company director who did this... if that's the attitude at the top... why should we support them by purchasing their products?   So I wrote the President of the company, Brian.VanderPloeg@flightcom.net to share my thoughts on this.  I never got a response.  Even called and left a voice mail.  Nothing.  Sad because I used to be such a fan.  When they needed me (brand new Denali product line), I bought the best they had to offer.  I even brought my students to the product and they bought because of me.  When I needed them to support the product, they gave me the best they could do: silence.  So... moral of the story, dont buy FlightCom.  Buy David Clark, Lightspeed (with far more features), Bose... anything but FlightCom.  This is my story, your mileage may vary, but I'm sure not by much. 

1 June 2004  I am now the owner of a Bose Aviation X headset.  Wow what a big difference.  I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Bose aviation headsets. 

10 May 2005 An update a year later about the headset.  Well after a year, FlightCom looks asked me to send in the headset so maybe they will actually honor the warranty.  I sent the headset to them.  Turns out they wont cover the problem with the headset.  So again I remind everyone, dont buy FlightCom products.  Now that I have seen the light of better products on the market, add to it that they dont stand behind their product or their word, why should anyone do business with such a group of liars? 

1 January 2010 Yes FlightCom, you still suck.

What You Said...

Tue, 12 Dec 2006 23:22:09     Name = 12/12/2006
Comments = I tried a pair of FlightCom's once when beginning my flying....wow, they sucked.  I had a plastic knob fall off in my hand in the first 5 minutes of use.  I went with a David Clark for my first pair.  Now I have a Lightspeed, and life has changed for the better.

Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 11:02:03 Name = Carl V
Comments = More Comments: I couldn't agree more with your comments about FlightComm. Their stuff sucks the big one!!! I've started using nothing but Lightspeed products and couldn't be happier. Inexpensive and HIGH quality and value.

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