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FAA - Aviation Safety Program Program
What time is it?  Navy time server, UTC & Local Time

Weather Resources

NOAA Aviation weather - METARs - TAFs
Tampa Radar (National Weather Service)
Transport Canada's "Weather to Fly"
Thunderstorms & Aviation
Cloud Identification
www.duats.com - official weather briefing by CSC 
www.duat.com - official weather briefing by DTC

Becoming a Pilot - Learn to Fly Resources

FAA - How to become a pilot
BeAPilot.com - Info on becoming a pilot
Gleim - Learning To Fly page
AOPA Flight Training & AOPA - Learn To Fly page
StudentPilot.com - Aviation articles
FAA Testing Centers (PDF)
Flight Training Magazine (free for new pilots)

Getting Your Medical

Medical Examiners - Find an AME
FAA Medical Requirements
FAA Meds - List of Approved Medications

Federal Government

Dept Of Transportation - flight plan form
Air Force Aerostat Balloons & globalsecurity.org
Dept of Defense TFR Display
NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System
NASA Reporting Forms
NASA Ames: Center-TRACON Automation System
eAPIS - Customs and Border Protection
FARs online - fully searchable or select by part:
          FAR Part 1, 61, 91, 103, 105, 119, 121, 135


Aviation Safety Counselors
FAA Accident Investigation
FAA Aviation Safety Program
FAA's Runway Safety Program
FAA's Air Traffic Publications
FAA Air Traffic Services: About Air Traffic
FAA Air Traffic Training Division
FAA Air Traffic Control System Cmd Ctr (ATCSCC)
FAA ATCSCC Virtual Tour
FAA Designated Examiner Search
FAA list of Part 141 schools
FAA's FSDO Offices
FAA's PCG - Pilot / Controller Glossary
FAA's Advisory Circulars
FAA's Online Approach Plates
FAA Pilot Education Pamphlet Reprints
FAA Free Publications
FAA Statistics on Pilots
AIM - Radio Phraseology & Terminology

Aviation Safety Information - NTSB
Aeronautical Decision Making
NTSB – Most Wanted Safety Improvements
NTSB - Monthly Accident List
Boeing Statistics on Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents
NTSB - Current Investigations
NTSB Accident Investigation Database
NTSB Investigative Process
Airbag Performance in General Aviation Restraint Systems
Glass Cockpit Avionics into Light Aircraft

PilotPointer - collection of links
Canadian Aviation
Flightinfo.com - good aviation message board
Ultimate Aviation Links - An excellent links page
AVweb - Online aviation magazine and news servvice
Aeropedia - An excellent set of links from AeroPlanner

Sparrowhawk Project by rv8apilot
Sparrowhawk Project by mikee
Sparrowhawk Project by gerryal
What makes a gyroplane special
What is a gyroplane
Sparrowhawk kits - manufacturer information
Building a Sparrowhawk

Worldwide Helicopter Links
Helicopter Web Pages
Just Helicopters Links
Just Helicopters Employment
Helicopter History - companies, helicopters, etc

Educational Resources
Flying in Alaska - An overview
Runway Safety - Interactive presentation
Field Guide To Aircraft Boneyards
What is a Sonic Boom?
Hold Pattern Visualization
Intercept Procedures - Printable reference
Night Flying Tips - From AOPA
AOPA Chart Guides - VFR, IFR, approach plates, etc.
Intro to Mountain Flying - FAA Denver FSDO
mywrittenexam.com - online written test prep
Whitts Flying - Collection of articles by high-time CFI
Instrument Trainers - Some great Java-based tools
Airspace - Interactive guide to TFRs, SUA, etc
Fergworld - Great articles, Java-based trainers
Basic Aerodynamics - From Tom Shefchunas
Flying Tips - By Bob Cathers at Comm1
VFR Weather Minimums - A review in quiz format
Types of Clouds - complete with pictures
Canadian Aviation - msg boards, articles, etc
AOPA ASF - AOPA Air Saftey Foudation
Gleim's Basic Flight Maneuvers - basic info
Airspace Overview - A great overview/refresher
Avstop Magazine - a collection of FAA pubs & safety tips
Variable Pitch Propellers - a fine tutorial from McCauley
Manifold Pressure - a series of articles from avweb


Pictoral Airport Directory
Abandoned Airfields
Approach Plates online

www.airliners.net - lots of pictures
FAA Airmen/Aircraft registry database
Aircraft Type Designators - from AOPA or from  FAA
AirNav Fuel Finder  and  AirNav Airport Facility Directory
AOPA Airport Diagrams  and  AOPA Airport Directory
$100 Hamburger - Fly-in restaurants

Member Associations
Balloon Federation of America | Soaring Society of America(Gliders) | US Ultralight Assoc | US Hanggliding Assoc | US Parachute Assoc | Seaplane Pilots Assoc | Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc | Experimental Aircraft Assoc | EAA Sport Pilot Information | Nat'l Assoc of Flight Instructors | Popular Rotorcraft Assoc | Mountain Flying | AOPA's GA Serving America | Natl ATC Assoc | Silverwings |

How Stuff Works Series - Educational Resources
How Airports WorkHow Black Boxes WorkHow Airlines Work | How Air Traffic Control Works | How Becoming An Airline Pilot Works | How Airline Crews WorkHow Customs Works | How Airline Freight Works | How the Federal Aviation Administration Works | How Airplanes Work | How Concordes Work | How Gas Turbine Engines Work | How Helicopters Work | How Radar Works | How does a speedometer in an airplane work? | Can you explain pressurized airplane cabins? | Why do those long white clouds form behind jets? | How much fuel does an international plane use for a trip? | How do they start jet engines on airplanes?

Canada Hot Air Balloon Rides
Bart's Special Shapes
Hot Air Ballooning
World Wide Ballooning Links
Celebration Aviation, Tampa
PBS.org: The Science of Ballooning
North American Balloon Association
List of Balloon Events around the country
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Aircraft Misadventure Deaths
Unusual accidents
Certification Information for Famous Pilots
Reading Wind Information from the Open Sea
Strange Aircraft from the Early Years of Flight
Crashpad in Minneapolis
Dash for a Cure

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