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Get the IFR Flight Plan You Want

by Darren Smith, CFII/MEI
from IFR Checkride Reviewer
CFIDarren Newsletter, March 13, 2012
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When you file a flight plan with your FSS, only this data gets forwarded to the ATC flight data specialist who examines your flight plan:

1.       Aircraft ID
2.       Aircraft Type & Suffix
3.       Airspeed
4.       Proposed departure time
5.    Altitude
6.       Departure airport
7.       Route
8.       Destination
9.       Remarks
Everything else is discarded!

In fact, your filed route will most likely be ignored.  Your departure-destination airports may have a preferred route between them.  This is especially true if you are departing Class B.   If there is a preferred route, you’re going to get exactly that.  How do you know what those routes are?  Check your A/FD.  Some preferred routes are not published and only a thorough knowledge of the airspace will yield those routes over time. 
If there is no preferred route, there is most likely a preferred departure route and a preferred arrival route.  The ATC computer will slap those together and whatever connects them together.   How do you know what are the preferred departure and arrival routes?  They aren’t published because they are usually letter of agreements between ATC facilities.  Sometimes they coincide with DPs and STARs but not always. 
All of these solutions add mileage to your trip.  Why can’t you get the route you want?  Orderly flow of traffic is the short answer.  All ATC facilities want their traffic to arrive and depart in an orderly, manageable method.  Unusual requests and other strange routings are quashed for the purposes of uniformity and control.  Best suggestion, file for the preferred routes (as found in the A/FD) then negotiate amendments when you get in the air.  When you do this in metered dosages, you can usually get what you want.  Friendly controllers along the way will usually accommodate your request if possible.  Special requests usually must be coordinated with other controllers so be prepared to wait for your special request to be blessed.

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