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Instrument Rating Ground School

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The instrument rating ground school is intended for those who need a good foundation of aeronautical knowledge in order to obtain an FAA Instrument Rating.  Includes FAA Written Test Prep 6:30-7pm each class day.  Includes limited, FREE flight training for attendees and logbook endorsements for testing/ground training. Details are available on the first day of class.

Next Class (Accelerated Format):
Starts:  April 2007, Monday/Wednesday 6.30-9.30pm
Location:  Tampa

Tuition:  $250 tuition + $225 consumable materials fee to the instructor (ordered prior to course start).

Course Benefits:

  • The Instrument rating enables you to fly an airplane under IMC. This FAA rating requires that you take both a written and a practical (flying) exam. By taking this class, you will be prepared to successfully pass the written & oral examinations. 
  • Safety:  This course is designed to give you the basic fundamentals of safe flying. By taking this class you will be preparing yourself to take more advanced courses designed to increase your abilities and access to the skies. 
  • Quality:  This is definitely NOT a test cramming course. We cover the basics in depth, not only so you can pass the oral exam but also so that you will be prepared for a lifetime of safe flying.
  • Excellent Value:  group training is much cheaper than paying $40/hour for 40 hours of ground instruction
  • Guidance:  During this course, we will help you find a good flight instructor at one of the local FBOs if you don’t already have one. If you are not sure what your next steps are, we’ll help you. 
  • FREE flight training:  Just enough to get you started... no one can beat this.  Most students learn the ins and outs very quickly then go on to work with a safety pilot to build their skills before engaging in a flight training program with one of the local flight schools.
  • Guaranteed:  Former attendees may return and attend any or all of the sessions of future ground schools FREE.
  • This class has been offered all over the place.  If you have a pilot group of 10 or more students, we'll bring this ground school to you.
Participant Comments:

"I really enjoy having flight students who have attended the HCC Ground School.  I've had several now and it really supports my efforts out here."  -- Local Flight Instructor

"By far, students who attended a formal ground school are much better prepared for their checkride than those who do not."  -- Local FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
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Support for New Students:
General Information:  Instrument Rating
Instrument Ground School Syllabus
Instrument Pilot Requirements
Instrument Rating Lesson Guides
How to Get the Most From Your Ground School
Working together on an instrument rating
Information for Foreign Students
Free Aviation Seminars
Information for Foreign Students
How to save money on your flight training
IFR Flight Planning Form (download)
Are you really ready for an Instrument Rating?

Special Topics
Avoiding Icing
Simple Rules for Winter Flight
Ten Commandments for Overwater Flight
ATC's Top 9 Pet Peeves - Radio technique
AOPA Single-Pilot IFR Safety Advisor
AOPA Spatial Disorientation Safety Advisor
AOPA Weather Strategies Safety Advisor
AOPA Weather Tactics Safety Advisor
AOPA Aircraft Icing Safety Advisor
Instrument Pilot Resources
After the IFR Rating
178 Seconds to Live - Spatial disorientation
IFR Risk Management
Logging Safety Pilot Time
Working together on an instrument rating
Clearance Shorthand
Instrument Approaches: Power Performance Model
IFR Lesson Plans - from the Instrument Training Handbook
Bravo Pattern - beginning exercise for IFR students
Holding Patterns Simplified - How to do them 
VFR Weather Minimums (When you cancel IFR)
General Tips on Radio Communication
IFR Flight Planning Form

How to Get the Instrument Flight Plan You Want
Single Pilot IFR - tips for managing the flight
Basic IFR Skills in the Automation Age
...See even more topics in the Articles Section

Checkride Resources

Practical Test Standards
Instrument rating worksheet (download)
Airman Certificate/Rating Application, Form 8710 (download)
See the success stories

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