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Aviation Mnemonics

from IFR Checkride Reviewer
from Getting the Most from Your Flight Training

Here are some handy mnemonics that pilot use to help verify the completion of certain tasks. Of course, conscientious checklist usage should be primary, but these can also help.
CIGAR Runup/Ground Check 
C controls check
I instruments set
G gas (proper tank, pump on, etc)
A attitude (flaps, trim, etc.)
R runup

(VFR) Day Minimum Equipment, 91.205(b)
T tachometer
O oil temperature
M magnetic compass
A altitude
T temp gauge if liq cooled
O oil pressure
F fuel gauge
L ldg gear position light
A airspeed indicator
M manifold pressure
S safety belts

FLAPS (VFR) Night Minimum Equipment, 91.205(c)
F fuses, set of 3 each type
L landing light if for hire
A anti collision
P position lights
S source of electric (adequate)

LCA Before Takeoff 
LIGHTS strobes, navs, landing
CAMERA transponder (so ATC can "see" you)
ACTION any other actions to be performed like boost pump on, control checks, flaps and trim set, etc.

BLITTS Line-Up Check 
B boost pump on
L lights as required
I instruments set
T transponder on
T takeoff time noted
S seat, belts, doors secured

FLARE Enroute 
F flaps set (if extended during takeoff)
L lights as required
A auxiliary fuel pump off (if on for departure)
R radar transponder on
E engine (lean mixture when at altitude)

GUMPS Before Landing 
G gas (proper tank, pump on or off, mixture rich, etc.) 
U undercarriage
M mixture set
P prop set and/or primer in/locked
S switches (lights, pitot heat, etc.)
and "see" landing gear
Note: add C in front of GUMPS for carb heat (becomes "Charlie GUMPS")

AV1ATE Required Inspections 
A Annual Inspection
V VOR Test, 30 days
1 100 hour, if for hire
A Altimeter/Static, 24 month
T Transponder, 24 month
E ELT, 12 month
ELT Battery, 1/2 battery life or 1 hour of continuous use

ARROW Required Documents
A Airworthiness Certificate
R Radio Telephone License (if international flight except Bahamas)
R Registration, current
O Operating limitations (POH), Markings & Placards
W Weight & Balance data

MFACTS After Landing Checklist 
M Mixture set
F Flaps Up
A Aux Fuel Pumps Off
C Cowl Flaps
T Transponder, standby
S Switches (lights, pumps, pitot heat, strobes if night)

MIDGET After Landing 
M master off
I ignition off
D doors/windows locked
G gust lock installed
E ELT off
T tiedown plane

CAPER Maneuvers Checklist 
C Clearing Turns
A Altitude, proper for manuever
P Proper power & entry to maneuver
E Execute maneuver
R Recover from maneuver

HASELL Aerobatic Maneuvers Checklist
H Height - sufficient to recover
A Airframe - rated for the manoeuvre, flaps and landing gear as required, trimmed
S Security - hatches and harnesses secure, no loose items in cockpit, gyros caged
E Engine - running normally, fuel sufficient for manoeuvre, no carb icing
L Location - clear of cloud, controlled airspace, airfields, built-up areas, other aircraft
L Look Out - inspection turn to make sure area is clear around and below

WIRETAP (IFR) Nearing Destination 
W Weather (AWOS, ATIS, ASOS, etc.)
I instruments set
R radios tuned
E elevation (check final approach fix altitude)
T talk to ATC
A altitudes for decision height or minimum descent altitude
P procedure for missed approach

TTTTTT (IFR) Crossing a Fix / Approach
T turn to proper heading
T time hold or approach
T twist OBS knob to inbound course
T throttle adjustments, as required
T talk - procedure turn inbound, entering the hold, etc.

(IFR) Required Equip, 91.205(d)
G Generator/Alternator
R Radios, appropriate for flight
A Altimeter, sensitive
B Ball, Slip/Skid Indicator
C Clock/Timer
A Attitude Indicator
R Rate of Turn Indicator
D Directional Gyro

HAMSACC (IFR) Required Reported Items, 91.183
H holding (time and altitude)
A altitude changes
M missed approach
S safety of flight (if anything affects it)
A airspeed changes (of 5% or 10kts)
C communication or navigation capability loss
C climb rate (when unable to maintain 500fpm)

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