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Pilots are very special People

by John King. 
From the video, "Hanger Flying With a Point"
produced by King Schools.

Did you know that King School's pilot training materials are used by 1 out of every 2 pilots in the US? 
King Schools has rapidly become the United State's leading provider of pilot education. 
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Pilots are very special people. Here's why.  First, pilots aren't quitters.  In spite of what the ads used to say  in the 1950's, it is difficult to learn to fly.  And it takes time to learn and a lot of effort.  Second, pilots aren't out for cheap impression.  You can get a Ferrari and roar down the road the same day with no special license and impress the daylights out of people.  In fact, for the price of a Piper Malibu, you can buy four Rolls Royces.  If you brought someone to your house and he saw four Rolls Royces in your garage, this guy would be blown away with how successful you are.  But you take that same person out to your Piper Malibu at the airport and he's likely to say, "What?  Only one propeller?  You expect me to get in that?"

Pilots are the winners in life. They have some degree of money because it cost money to learn to fly. And pilots are willing to look silly because when you learn to fly, you look silly.  You sweat all the way down to your belt line, your leg shakes from holding rudder pressure, you slam the plane in when you're learning to land.  Overall you just plain look silly.  Pilots are willing to put up with discomfort in order to be doers rather than spectators.  The next time you preflight an airplane in a 30 knot winter wind, just remind yourself, you chose this.

When you have a room full of pilots, you have a room full of bright, achieving, successful winners.  Willing to look silly, willing to put up with discomfort for personal development.  You have a room full of very special people.  Every time I meet pilots I think of this and I take pride in knowing these special people. Yet I've see these bright, special people do damned fool things. And sometimes hurt themselves and their passengers.  So how do you avoid it.  You remember that everybody is a damned fool for 15 minutes a day and some of us do get even longer than that.   And some of the smartest people can do some of the dumbest things.

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