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Hazardous Attitudes

Hazardous Attitude
Antiauthority ("Don't tell me!")  - Don't like anyone telling him/her what to do.   Resentful of rules & regulations. Follow the rules, they're usually right.
Impulsivity ("Do something - do it now!") - Need to do something, anything, quickly.  Don't stop to think about better alternatives. Not so fast... think first.
Invulnerability ("It won't happen to me.")  - Accidents happen to other people, not to me. Therefore,   I can take chances. It could happen to me.
Macho ("I can do it.") - Always trying to prove themselves better than others.  Take risks and try to impress others.
Taking chances is foolish.
Resignation ("What's the use?") - I really can't make a difference.  It's going to happen anyway, why bother?  Leave actions to others. I'm not helpless, I can make a difference. Never give up.

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