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Accelerated Training Programs

by Darren Smith, CFII/MEI
Getting the Most from Your Flight Training, June 2003

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Cessna 182T

Do they work?  Is it the best training alternative for you?  Can you absorb the material quickly enough? 

Accelerated training programs have been around for a long time.  All segments of the aviation industry use accelerated training models from Airlines to Corporate Flight Departments to the Military.  So we all know it works.  The intensity of such training programs nearly guarantees the lessons will last a lifetime.  Accelerated programs tend to come with fixed costs so the value of such programs is in your ability to get as much as possible in the allotted time.  In addition, the fast pace of such program guarantees that you'll spend less time reviewing previously learned skills.

Within the world of FAA certification, all applicants must meet the PTS requirements.  No matter what training program you enter, the result must be the same.  How quickly and completely you accomplish the practical skills is entirely up to you. 

What's your motivation in considering an accelerated training program?  Perhaps you work full-time and tried the one lesson per week method.  It works for many but sometimes the weight of daily pressure causes your training effort to be put on the back burner.  If this is the case, seek a training program that is structured, efficient, and gets you through the training in the most cost effective way.

Don't be fooled, accelerated programs are hard work and require you to achieve the same knowledge in a short period of time compared to other students who might take six months to do the same thing.  Are you ready for the intensity of such programs?  Can you commit 8-10 hours per day to such training?  Can you make the training program your life for that given period of time?  Do you have a disciplined personal commitment that can drive the process?  For sure, accelerated programs do not spoon-feed you the information so you must face the task with a driven persistence. 

Don't be intimidated however.  Accelerated programs, which are organized and complete, will get you through the required skills and material in the shortest amount of time.  They tend to be extremely efficient if you are prepared to devote your maximum attention to the curriculum.

The instructor presenting the course benefits also:  maximum efficiency of his time, up front payment, high probability of success in training the student, highly motivated student, and a fixed schedule for the duration of the training.  The managed training schedule allows a flight instructor to focus on producing the very best, skilled pilot.

The challenges to the student are tremendous and are measured by your level of commitment.  Individuals who do not realistically prepare for the level of effort required often want to quit.  Have an honest, open discussion with your instructor.  He's a professional who understands the challenges you face and is likely to have the techniques to get you past the current hurdle.  Ultimately its up to you because the program is what you make it.

What does it cost?  Below are Accelerated Training Programs that utilize your aircraft for training.

Are you really ready for the instrument rating?
Get started on your instrument rating with the
Instrument Ground School
Complete your instrument rating with a 7-day Instrument Rating Training Program
Want to know more?  Read about Basic Attitude Instruction and Instrument Lesson Plans

How does this compare with other programs?

Accelerated Instrument Ratings

This program is very competitive with other programs.  Compare for yourself:
7-day IFR finish up training & IFR Adventure, $3,000 + your plane
10-day IFR Instrument Rating Training & IFR Adventure, $3,500 + your plane
Glass Cockpit, $3500 or $5950 + your plane + 500/day extra days
Gatts, $5,550 + your plane
2-Eagle, $4,995 + your plane
7-day IFR.COM, $4,500 + your plane
AFIT, $4,950 + your plane
AFT, $3500 + your plane + 500/day extra days
SafePilot.COM, $5,500 + up to 15 in your plane + 785/day extra days
IFRSolutions.COM, $4,500 + your plane
PIC, $6,250 + your plane
Why is it so much cheaper?  No advertising, no $3,000 glossy ads in magazines, and low overhead.  What's it like to save $1000 or more compared to other programs?  Its enough to pay the fuel/oil for your next big trip!

7-day IFR Rating & IFR Adventure, $3,000 + your plane
Why is this program so much cheaper?  No advertising, no $3,000 ads in
magazines, low overhead.  What's it like to save $1000 or more compared
to other programs?  Its enough to pay the fuel/oil for your next big trip!

  7-Day Instrument Rating, Next >>

Accelerated CFI Training

14-Day CFI, cfidarren.com, $2,000
10-Day CFI, Airman, $4,500
7-Day CFI, Sheble, $3,995  (several have had terrible experiences here, including me!)
9-Day CFI, Double Eagle, $3,995

 "Instrument flying is an unnatural act probably punishable by God."

— Gordon Baxter 

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