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Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus

Held in conjunction with:
Hillsborough Community College

Private Pilot Navigation:  General Info Private Pilot | Why its a good time to become a pilot | Why become a pilot? | What it means to be a pilot | Why Pilots are Amazing People | Getting Started & Training Sequence | FAQs about getting started | How to select a flight instructor | FAQs: Becoming a private pilot | FAA's Student Pilot Guide Advice to new student pilots | Information for Foreign Students | How to save money on your flight training | Thinking of an Airline Career? | Pilots are very special people by John KingAbout Checkrides | Private Pilot Ground School | Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus | How to Get the Most From Your Ground School | Private Pilot Rating Requirements | What to do after the Private Pilot Certificate | Flight Training for Veterans | You Get What You Pay For

NOTE:  Former graduates are always welcome to attend any part or all of the ground school again.  Use this schedule to determine what subjects you wish to review.  As always, I expect the schedule to be flexible in when the topics are presented, so check back here for an updated schedule.  Drop me an email to let me know you will attend so that I can make sure a seat is available for you.   Thanks.

Accelerated Format Course Syllabus
Course Number:  ATF 9000 Private Pilot Ground School
Location:  Dale Mabry Campus
, Room  DSSC 208
Schedule:  Saturdays, 2.30pm - 6pm / Sundays 2.30pm - 7.30pm
Formation Meeting - November 3rd, 3pm, Room DSSC 208

Intro SessionNovember 3rd 3-6pm
  • Orientation to Course
  • Chapter 1 Review
  • How to get the books
Session 1a & bNovember 10 & 11th - Off Campus - 10am-7pm
  • FAR Review
  • Complete Airspace Review
  • Night Flying
  • Homework for next weekend:
    • Review Course Web site - cfidarren.com
  • Chapter 2 Airplane Systems
    • Section A Air Planes
    • Section B The Powerplant And Related Systems
    • Section C Flight Instruments
  • Chapter 3 Aerodynamic Principles
    • Section A Four Forces Of Flight
    • Section B Stability
    • Section C Aerodynamics Of Maneuvering Flight 
  • Homework for next weekend:
    • Read Chapter 4, 5
    • Do test prep units  4, 5, 6
Session 2a & bNovember 17 & 18th - 2.30 - 7pm
  • Chapter 4 The Flight Environment
    • Section A Safety Of Flight
    • Section B Airports
    • Section C Aeronautical Charts
  • Chapter 5 Communication And Flight Information
    • Section A Radar And ATC Services
    • Section B Radio Procedures
    • Section C Sources Of Flight Information
  • Homework for next weekend:
    • Read Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9
    • Do test prep units  6, 7, 8
Session 3a & bDecember 1st & 2nd - 2.30 - 7pm
  • Chapter 6 Meteorology For Pilots
    • Section A Basic Weather Theory
    • Section B Weather Patterns
    • Section C Weather Hazards
  • Chapter 7 Interpreting Weather Data
    • Section A The Forecasting Process
    • Section B Printed Reports And Forecasts
    • Section C Graphic Weather Products
Session 4a & b – December 8th & 9th - 2.30 - 7pm
  • Chapter 8 Airplane Performance
    • Section A Predicting Performance
    • Section B Weight & Balance
    • Section C Flight Computers
  • Chapter 9 Navigation
    • Section A Pilotage & Dead Reckoning
    • Section B VOR Navigation
    • Section D Advanced Navigation
  • Homework for next weekend:
    • Review Chapter 8 & 9
    • Read chapter 10, & 11
    • Do test prep units 9, 10, & 11
Optional Session - Small Group - To Be Determined


  • You may register directly with the school at 813-253-7980
  • Register & pay at any campus by requesting course ATF-9000. 
  • Register & pay NOW

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