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We do not accept credit cards (or paypal) for flight instruction services.  This is due to the monthly fees to have a credit card merchant account and the nearly 10% transaction fee they charge small account holders on such services.   We do accept cash or bank checks/money orders for all services.  All services are paid in advance at the outset except for hourly rates which are paid immediately upon conclusion of training session.
Rates, effective October 1, 2011

Hourly Professional Services
$75/hr $75/hr
Pre-paid Block of 10 hours
Daily Rate (6hrs flight + 2hrs ground)
Ground Instruction (Hello to Goodbye)*
Flat Rate BFR or IPC, 3 hrs max.
Expert Witness Consult, 3 hrs max
* Ground Instruction:  Up to 1.5 hours are FREE if you buy lunch.

Program Rates, effective October 1, 2011

IFR Adventure
$1000 $500
Accelerated Instrument Rating, 7 days
Accelerated Instrument Rating, 10 days $4000
Additional days 8 through 10

Additional days 11+


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