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What's New... 2009
12/01/2009  Introduction to Aviation Human Factors
11/15/2009  Professionalism - more than commentary on recent events
11/01/2009  Casualties of Geocities
10/15/2009  Bad Habits
10/01/2009  Braking Action
08/31/2009  Proposed FAR Changes - No More Complex?
08/01/2009  Fundamentals of a Safe Approach
07/01/2009  How to Use a VFR Plotter
06/14/2009  Drug Test False Positives
06/07/2009  Trouble Medications
06/01/2009  Pilot's Drug Test 
05/19/2009  Sterile Cockpit
05/10/2009  Flight Operations Threat Analysis (FOTA)
05/01/2009  Weather Radar: Clear Mode vs Precipitation Mode
04/15/2009  Flight Computers on the Checkride
04/01/2009  GPS on the Checkride
03/18/2009  Runway Incursions Solutions
03/01/2009  Updated: What You Need to Know About Night
02/09/2009  Criticism of Memory Item Checklists
01/31/2009  Human Factors Inhibiting Learning
01/21/2009  Memory (Recall) Item Checklists
01/10/2009  Teaching Adults

What's New... 2008

12/15/2008  Runway Incursions Tipsheet - revised
11/30/2008  Barriers to Pilot Monitoring
11/15/2008  TEM Countermeasures
11/01/2008  Introduction to Threat & Error Management
10/15/2008  Owner Aircraft - funny stories about working with owners
10/01/2008  The Fifth Element
09/16/2008  Updated: NOTAM Contractions
09/01/2008  The Instructor Knows All - or does he?
08/15/2008  Guest Column:  The Human Factor
08/01/2008  Guest Column:  Stalls, Spins, Upset Recovery
07/24/2008  FAA Medical Duration Rules Change
07/01/2008  Mysteries of the METAR
06/11/2008  How to Perform a Non Precision Approach (CANPA)
05/27/2008  Non-Precision CFIT (CANPA)
05/04/2008  Red Rules
04/11/2008  Learning Modality - how do you learn?
03/15/2008  Buying an Airplane?
02/22/2008  Losing the Edge
02/04/2008  More Proof Its a Small World
01/21/2008  Money Management for First Officers

What's New... 2007

12/31/2007  New Captain Series:  The Model Captain
11/30/2007  New Captain Series:  Bag of Crap
10/31/2007  New Captain Series:  Becoming a Captain
09/20/2007  Winds Aloft Practice
09/10/2007  TAF Practice
09/01/2007  METAR Practice
08/17/2007  Rotation Speed
08/01/2007  Advice to the New CFI
07/01/2007  Being a Better Aviation Consumer
06/01/2007  Guest Column: Captain Anonymous: Pressure Rising
05/16/2007  Guest Column:  America's Standing in the World - Anthony T
05/15/2007  Life Stress Events - things that affect pilots
05/13/2007  The Heinrich/Smith Safety Triangle
05/10/2007  CFI Discount for Visi-Hold
05/06/2007  Integrating Threat & Error Management
05/05/2007  New Schedule:  Private Pilot Ground School
05/01/2007  Threats to Safety - manage the threats which reduce safety
04/28/2007  Guest Column:  Captain Anonymous

04/22/2007  Flight Profiles for IFR Crosscountry
04/16/2007  I Passed the Written, Now What?
04/12/2007  Updated:  Flight Profiles Improve Safety
04/10/2007  Updated:  Introduction to Flight Profiles
04/03/2007  The Checkride Mindset - part 3 of the Checkride Series
04/01/2007  Updated: Certification Information on Famous Aviators

03/26/2007  Guest Column:  Captain Anonymous
03/20/2007  Why People Quit Flying
03/15/2007  Spreading Myths - get the facts, stop listening to the B.S.
03/01/2007  Are you in it for the long haul? - stop fooling around with
                    inexperienced CFIs & being out of practice
02/21/2007  Guest Column: Captain Anonymous
02/16/2007  All about the NASA form
02/11/2007  Are You Too Fat?
02/02/2007  What are you doing over there?
01/27/2007  How to Solo As Quickly As Possible
01/18/2007  Encouragement from the Flight Deck
01/13/2007  Staying IFR Current
01/09/2007  You're in the Driver's Seat!
01/06/2007  Will they go easy on me?
01/01/2007  Fly the Machine - an engine emergency

What's New... 2006

12/26/2006  Updated:  Certification Information on Famous Aviators
12/10/2006  Visi-Hold - the easy way to figure out instrument holds
12/01/2006  Ten Tips to Immediately Improve Your Radio Technique
11/28/2006  Schools: What's the difference between Part 61 & Part 141?
11/24/2006  Researching Flight Schools - before you call... read this...
11/14/2006  Managing Your CFI
11/12/2006  What are the long cloud streaks in the sky?
11/09/2006  NEW Release:  Getting the Most from Your Flight Instruction
11/05/2006  Performance Anxiety - the true nature of flight instruction
11/01/2006  Best Practices in Aircraft Lighting - when to use aircraft lights
11/01/2006  Helicopter Lesson Guides - a hard to find reprint
10/31/2006  IFR Cross Country Flight Planning Checklist
10/26/2006  Updated:  VFR Cross Country Flight Planning Checklist
10/20/2006  Helicopter Glossary - vocabulary of helicopter pilots
10/15/2006  New Helicopter Commercial PTS - August 1, 2006
10/10/2006  Airport Lighting: Beacons & Light Gun Signals
10/01/2006  Chasing the Dream
09/25/2006  New Schedule:  Helicopter Pilot Ground School
09/25/2006  New Schedule:  Private Pilot Ground School & Syllabus
09/25/2006  Register Online for the Private Pilot Ground School
09/15/2006  You Get What You Pay For
09/10/2006  Helicopter Flash Cards - Released - study with confidence
09/03/2006  Updated:  I'm 14, Can I get my Private Pilot Certificate?
09/01/2006  Success Stories - a page of student successes
08/23/2006  Multi-Engine Checkout - hard to find article from FAA
08/10/2006  FAA Safety Pamphlet Reprints, Online @ cfidarren.com
08/05/2006  The Phone Calls I Get
08/01/2006  Introduction to the Flight Review
08/01/2006  Common Problems - Flight Review
07/24/2006  The autorotations are back
07/15/2006  How do we rate pilots? - what makes a pilot good
07/01/2006  Annoying Students
06/10/2006  Fatal Helicopter Accidents Factors
05/31/2006  Are you really ready for the checkride?
05/25/2006  ATP Certificate Training Profile
05/21/2006  What's happening to the navaids?
05/15/2006  IFR Descent Profile Exercise
05/15/2006  Updated: IFR Lesson Guides and Basic Attitude Instruction
05/10/2006  Helicopter Instrument Rating: Doing part in an airplane?
05/04/2006  Are you really ready for an Instrument Rating?
05/01/2006  Hot Air Balloon Resources added to Links page
04/29/2006  Weather Terms (Contractions)- Includes Metar/TAF codes
04/28/2006  Private Pilot Students:  Pre-Solo Exam
04/25/2006  Yes, It does matter what you fly
04/20/2006  What it Takes to Be a CFI
04/18/2005  Flight Training for Veterans
04/15/2006  New Schedule: Helicopter Pilot Ground School
04/12/2006  New Schedule: Private Pilot Ground School & Syllabus
04/08/2006  Fatal Accident Statistics
04/05/2006  Holding(Updated)
03/31/2006  Updated:  Memorable Aviation Quotes
03/23/2006  Your comments:  see theGuestbook
03/20/2006  Answerman: Complex & High Performance Endorsements
03/15/2006  Curious about the instrument checkride? See Plan of Action
03/08/2006  Runway Incursions Tip Sheet - preventing runway incursions
03/01/2006  Radio Communications - Non-Towered Airports
02/28/2006  Knowing the Winds
02/18/2006  CFI Liability - a stark look at professionalism
02/10/2006  NOTAM Contractions - types of notams and terms used
02/02/2006  Helicopter Rules That Differ From Airplane Rules
01/20/2006  Commercial Pilot Requirements
01/13/2006  FAR Part 95, What does it mean to you?
01/10/2006  What to do after the Private Pilot Certificate
01/02/2006  Memorable Aviation Quotes

What's New... 2005

12/17/05  How Much Does it Cost to Learn to Fly Helicopters?
12/08/05  Expanded Tailwheel Syllabus (funBFR.com)
12/01/05  Privacy Policy, Fair Use, Copyright & Disclaimers
11/27/05  New FAQs for the Accelerated Instrument Rating Training
11/15/05  Online Payment for Services & Deposits
11/11/05  Bending Metal
- the most common causes of  accidents
11/03/05  Why You Should do Your Instrument Rating in a Twin
10/29/05  Updated:  Certification Information on Famous Aviators
10/10/05  CFI Academy:  Sample Budget During Training
10/07/05  Free Pilot Resources: 
IFR Flight Planning Form
10/01/05  What's Killing Pilots - what to do to save your life
Working together on an instrument rating
09/12/05  Multi-Engine Resources:  Multi-Engine Ground School
09/01/05  Download Section Added - includes FAA Pubs & PTS
08/22/05  Student Training Plans
08/11/05  Helicopter Resources added to Articles and Links
Single Pilot IFR - tips for managing the flight
07/21/05  Precautionary Helicopter Landing
07/01/05  Pilot Store:  Credit card through Paypal added.
06/10/05  Personal Minimums Checklist - safety checklist for trip
Making Safe Choices
  Southeast IFR Adventure, Piper Saratoga
05/15/05  Flying Discipline
04/26/05  Weather Resources:  Graphical & Textual Weather
04/15/05  Flight Profile Flying - how to improve safety flying
04/11/05  Anatomy of an Engine Failure
04/01/05  How to Get the Instrument Flight Plan You Want
03/11/05  FREE Aviation Safety Programs Updated
03/01/05  Addition to CRM Series:  Error Management  
02/17/05  ATC's Top 9 Pet Peeves, Part 2
Aircraft Datasheet (download) - Know thy aircraft
01/20/05  Getting the Most from Your Ground School
Information for Foreign Students

What's New... 2004

12/19/04  General Tips for Radio Communication
12/16/04  Updated: 
About Checkrides
12/01/04  Tips for Technical Presentations
11/22/04  Questions about Clearances
10/18/04  IFR Risk Management
10/01/04  NASA rules/form available on this website
09/28/04  List of Aviation Acronyms

09/19/04  IFR Clearance Shorthand
09/09/04  Crosswind Technique
08/20/04  Addition to CRM Series:  CRM Callouts
07/11/04  Characteristics of Successful Pilots
06/25/04  IFR Lesson Guides - from Instrument Training Handbook
06/01/04  About Checkrides - basics of checkrides
05/25/04  Caribbean/South American IFR Adventure
05/02/04  Things Your Flight Instructor Worries About
04/12/04  Multi-Engine Ground School Schedule
04/01/04  Using Flaps
03/21/04  Things Your Flight Instructor Wish You Knew
03/08/04  Collision Avoidance
02/19/04  Mexican IFR Adventure
02/11/04  178 Seconds to Live (Author Unknown)
02/01/04  After the IFR Rating
01/11/04  Approaches: Power-Performance Model
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