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Rule #1:  No Stress.

I believe:

  • Learning should be life-long, low stress, and most importantly, fun.
  • We can all be students and teachers to each other.  It implies:
    • Each of us offers a unique combination of experiences that are a valuable asset and a potential contribution to every class.
    • Discussion is extremely important, relevant, and essential for an optimal learning experience.
  • Courses should be current, relevant, and innovative
  • Courses should promote an appreciation and practice of high ethical standards in a given discipline.
  • It's important to provide a safe, caring atmosphere where an individual's maximum potential is optimized.
  • Life is about offering encouragement to others.
  • The classroom environment should be free of distractions to learning.
  • Adult learning is different than traditional college learning.
  • The "Art of Teaching" is about:
    • Being genuinely interested in student progress
    • Remaining current in one's skills
    • Providing students more than the technical knowledge of a given subject area
    • Making a human connection
  • Courses should integrate skills from other disciplines including:
    • Developing competence in computer skills
    • Assisting students in developing and reinforcing strong communication skills, both oral and written
    • Encouraging teamwork and enhancing interpersonal skills

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