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Aviation Safety Programs

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HCC Continuing Education sponsors Aviation Safety Training at its Dale Mabry Campus. HCC offers a full complement of Aviation Ground School training These Aviation Safety Programs are enhanced educational opportunities for pilots of all levels. 

Held in conjunction with:
Hillsborough Community College

Aviation is a dynamic industry and these Aviation Safety Programs present the very latest to increase your safety and technical knowledge. 
These seminars present information that could expand some of the areas you already know and may even introduce some concepts that are different from when you took your first training. Aviation technology is advancing at a fairly meteoric pace, such that new procedures and methods are being introduced to users on a regular basis.  Continuing education is necessary to remain abreast of the changes as they are implemented in the field.  In that sense, every safety seminar holds promise for attendees.  These programs are 1.5 to 2 hours in length and are taught by professionals and subject matter experts.   A question and answer period allows for lively participant interaction as well as discussion of specific scenarios.  Participants who hold pilot certificates can earn their FAA Pilot Proficiency Program "Wings".  See faasafety.gov  for more information.

FAA Safety Team Representatives (Aviation Safety Counselors) volunteer their time & effort, facilities, and even financial resources to put on these safety meetings for the benefit of local pilots.  Most of this activity is done without a single tax payer dollar spent.  The program is always looking for volunteers.  If you're interested, please contact your local Safety Program Manager at your nearest FAA FSDO.  The best rationale why you should get involved: 
Will they go easy on me?

To view the latest safety seminar schedule, visit faasafety.gov
  or  Aviation Safety Counselors  Recent topics include:
  • Aeromedical factors
  • IFR skills for VFR pilots
  • Overwater survival techniques
  • ATC Services & Capabilities
  • Airport operations at non-towered airports
  • Flying light twins safely
  • Solving the mysteries of VFR Charts
  • Solving the mysteries of IFR Charts
  • Getting Current: a complete review of Part 91 & Airspace
  • Airports, Airspace, and Runway Markings
  • Communicating for Safety: Radio Phraseology
  • Case Study:  Common Accident Scenarios

Upcoming Free Seminars:

Visit faasafety.gov

Aviation Safety Information Articles
Will they go easy on me?
IFR Risk Management
How do we rate pilots?  - what makes a pilot good
Things Your Flight Instructor Wish You Knew - or Helicopter
15 Things Pilots Must Learn - or Helicopter
Making Safe Choices
Flying Discipline

Things Your Flight Instructor Worries About
Flight Profile Flying - how to improve safety flying the profile
Personal Minimums Checklist(download)
Introduction to Aeronautical Decision Making - Hazardous Attitudes
Information on the FAA Pilot Proficiency Program "Wings"
Preventing Your Aircraft from Coming Apart in Flight
Characteristics of Successful Pilots
Ten Commandments for Safe Flight
What's Killing Pilots - What to do to save your life
Bending Metal - the most common causes of non-fatal accidents
Flight Profile Flying - how to improve safety flying the profile
CFI Liability - a stark look at CFI professionalism
The Heinrich/Smith Safety Triangle

FAA Pilot Education Pamphlet Reprints

For a wide variety of FAA publications, handbooks, practical test standards, see the Download section.
Radio Communications Phraseology & Techniques
Safe Flying for Agricultural Aviation
Maintenance Aspects of Ownership
Meet Your Aircraft, Quiz (P8740-15)
Meet Your Aircraft (P8740-29)
How to Obtain a Good Weather Briefing (P8740-30)
Medical Facts for Pilots (P8740-41)
Tips on Mountain Flying (P8740-60)
Thunderstorm Avoidance (P8740-12)
Dead Reckoning Navigation (P8740-22)
Avoiding a Mid-Air Collision (P8740-51)
Engine Operations for Pilots (P8740-13)
Leave Yourself an Out-Multi Engine Factors(P8740-25)
Using the ATC System Old (P8740-32)
Pilot Prerogatives
Descent to the MDA & Beyond
All about Fuel
Proficiency and the Private Pilot
Weight & Balance
Time in Your Tanks
Silent Emergency - Pneumatics
Density Altitude (P8740-2)
Wind Shear (P8740-40)
Impossible Turn (P8740-44)
On Landings, 1 (P8740-48)
On Landings, 2 (P8740-49)
On Landings, 3 (P8740-50)
Planning Your Takeoff (P8740-23)
Intro to Pilot Judgement (P8740-53)
Alcohol and Flying: A Deadly Combination
Carbon Monoxide: A Deadly Menace
Altitude-Induced Decompression Sickness
Physiological Training Courses for Pilots
Why You Shouldn't Fly By the Seat of Your Pants
Sunglasses for Pilots: Beyond the Image
Medications and Flying
Hearing and Noise in Aviation
Deep Vein Thrombosis & Travel
Seat Belts & Shoulder Harnesses
Tips for Teaching Practical Risk Management
Practical Risk Management for Local VFR Flying
Practical Risk Management for VFR XC Flying
Practical Risk Management for Night VFR Flying
Personal and Weather Risk Assessment Guide

"A pilot who doesn't have any fear probably isn't flying his plane to its maximum."  Jon McBride, astronaut

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