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Welcome to the Answerman page. Feel free to email questions to me using the form at the bottom.   If I don't know the answer, I'll find the answer and post it here.  To those who have asked questions, thank you!


Beginning Training
What's the right amount of ground training?
How do I become a private pilot? see Learn to Fly
I am not a US Citizen, how do to comply with the rules?
I am a US Citizen, do I need to prove my citizenship?
Do accelerated training programs work?
What is a complex aircraft?
What is a high performance aircraft?

Does VA pay for flight training?
Does it matter what I fly?
Can you tell me the various Light Gun Signals?
I'm 14, Can get my pilot's license?

During & Finishing Training
Argument in the Cockpit, Who's Right?
My CFI will not sign me off for a checkride, what do I do?
What is the minimum hours for a private pilot certificate?  Why am I already at 60 hours?
What are NOTAMs?
What kind of NOTAM is a TFR?
What’s a Runway Incursion? 
How do we rate pilots?
What are the special emphasis areas? Are the important?

Recurrent Training
How long does a BFR take?
Instrument Procedures
I would like to get an instrument rating with my co-worker
What if I don’t like a clearance?
What if I don't understand a clearance?
How should I respond to a clearance? 
Why isn't "roger" an acceptable response to an ATC clearance or instruction?
Who is responsible for obstacle clearance for any ATC Clearance or Instruction?
What if I am cleared direct to a navaid that is inoperative?

What is a Sonic Boom?
What is a master instructor?
What are the long cloud streaks in the sky?

Flight Instructors
I have a student showing aggression.  What do I do?
How much liability do I have as a flight instructor?
Did the Helicopter Commercial PTS change?

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